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Criss' gravesite is can be found in Curlew Memorial Gardens which is located at 1750 Curlew Road Palm Harbor, FL. 34683.



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On Saturday, October 18, 2003, following a brunch at Tiffany's Restaurant, a memorial service was held at Criss' gravesite.

The following is the transcript of the reading that was done by Tracy Mellow who is a Savatage fan and an ordained military minister:
Welcome friends to this special place on this special day.
We are here today to remember Mr. Christopher Michael Oliva. Let us please begin with a moment of silence.(Moment of silence)

Criss has touched each one of our lives in a different way. But he has still touched us, and he continues to touch us still to this day. Be it through his music, through friendship, or family, he is a special person well deserving of our dedication and rememberance. Although many of of you here have never had the pleasure of meeting Criss, your love for this man has kept his memory alive for so long, and I know you will continue to keep his memory alive through his music and rememberance.

Today many people mourn him. His family will, of course, miss him most of all. I hope though that they will take comfort in the fact that so many others too will miss him too for many different reasons. His family members knew he was well respected but it is gratifying to see how many others will genuinely miss Criss.

Criss loved his music, Criss loved his family, Criss loved his fans, Criss loved life. Criss would not want us to be sad, that's the reason for the uplifting memorial in his memory last night. Criss would want us to remember the good times, that is the reason for this special Criss Oliva memorial weekend, for you to have a good time and remember Criss' accomplishments, and his life and to look back and smile, not shedding a tear.

Criss, we would like to thank you for all the years you have provided us with your presence. You have given us many different memories and emotions. You made us laugh when you were being silly, you made us cry with one of your ballads, your music has and still provides us with helping us with dealing with emotions, and your music provides us with emotion. Everytime we hear your playing it gives us the uplift we are in need of.

Criss, you have brought all of us closer together this special weekend. many of us have driven for days, or flew across the United States, and across the oceans to gather here as a legion to remember you. This is the first time for many of us to finally meet each other, after only seeing pictures or talking on internet forums. That in itself is not an easy feat, you should be proud. I think you touched more lives than you are aware of, For there are many more special people that were not able to make it here today, that wished they could be here to remember you in person, but just like you, they are here in spirt.

I would like to now recite a very special poem written by a very special fan. Mr. Peter Leyharris. it is entitled;


Today is a day the Legions gather
To commemorate the birth of a legend,
A man who touched the hearts of many
In songs of now and then.

His music was a reflection
Of the passion that he breathed.
He taught us how to rage, to cry,
To join our hands, and to believe.

His fingers danced across
The strings he set ablaze.
A story came to life
In each note that he played.

He carved a realm of mountain kings
And cities laid beneath.
We followed him through dungeons,
Gutters, thorns, and streets.

Yet through all the sonic wizardry,
Only a loyal few took notice
In a world where "gimmick equals success"
Prevails over emotional ingenious.

It's in this dead world of corruption,
Filled with greed and dreams forsaken,
That false prophets roam in triumph
And from us, heroes taken.

That autumn morning night,
God embraced an angel early in the game.
The tears fell from all around
On an orchestra that wasn't the same.

The nightmare still haunts us now,
Questions left unanswered.
A warrior so filled with life,
A fate so undeserved.

Still the Legions they stand proud
For the spirit is immortal in song.
The legacy of Christopher Michael Oliva remains
Where the crowds are never gone.

©Pete Ley-Harris

Isn't that just a lovely poem? Thank you Pete for allowing such a beautiful piece to be shared here today.
Criss, believe me when I say that although this weekend is meant to remember you, it does not end here. Your memory will not fade away, it does not end when the crowds are gone, and all we ask of you is to believe.

For driving directions to Criss' gravesite please visit www.mapquest.com