From the very beginning the Criss Oliva 10th Anniversary Memorial Concert was envisioned as an event that would remember Criss in a very special way. A night that would bring friends, family and fans together to remember a remarkable man and the musical accomplishments he achieved. A once in a lifetime event we had hoped would be remembered, like Criss, forever. Hopefully, for those that attended, it was just that.

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank those people who in some way helped to ensure the success of the Criss Oliva 10th Anniversary Memorial Concert. There were so many people that played a part in seeing this event through and somehow the simplicity of mere words doesnít seem to adequately express my sincere appreciation. Yet, their support and dedication was overwhelming and cannot be overlooked.

My thanks to:

  • The entire Oliva Family
  • Dawn Oliva
  • Jon Oliva
  • Chris Caffery
  • Johnny Lee Middleton
  • "Doc" Wacholz

  • The guys from Circle II Circle:
      Zak Stevens
      Kevin Rothney
      Matt LaPorte
      Shane French
      Chris Kinder
      John Zahner
      Dan Campbell

  • The guys from Streets: A Tribute To Savatage:
      Troy Daniels
      Lee Pons
      Mikey Black
      Mike Carpenter
      Larry "Blues" Simpson

  • The guys who played with Jon Olivaís during his solo material:
      Matt LaPorte
      Chris Kinder
      John Zahner
      Jason Jennings

  • Dr. Butcher:
      Jon Oliva
      Chris Caffery
      John Osborn
      Scott Farr

  • "Big Dave" Stuart
  • Gary Muchmore
  • Light man Extraordinaire - Taz
  • All the crew guys
  • Marla Stone
  • The Masquerade
  • Kevin and Michelle Carolan (I love you guys! Thank you so much!)
  • Leia Tijou
  • Duane Cole
  • Scott Nice
  • Billy Connelly
  • Annette Foerester
  • Buddy McConnell
  • Jim Webster
  • Brian Smith
  • Tracy and Charise Mellow
  • Chris and Sue Easterbrook
  • Michele and Adam Groves
  • Metal Mike (Ardschok)
  • Frode Johnsrude (Scream)
  • Clay Marshall
  • Jill Hortsmann (MusicMayhem)
  • 98 Rock
  • The Tampa Tribune
  • The Weekly Planet

Iíd like to extend a very special thank you to the Legions of Savatage fans around the world that traveled such distances to attend this show. Savatage fans are, and will always be, THE BEST! What an incredible bunch of people you all are! I canít thank you enough for your support not only for this event, but throughout the years!

Iíd also like to express my heartfelt thanks to Jon Oliva who allowed me this opportunity and supported me the entire way! It is here that my words truly fall short of expressing my deepest gratitude.

Simply put, thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Not just for the opportunity to do this memorial show, but for the last 7 years that youíve allowed me to be a part of Savatage. What an honor it has been to watch you, to see the true genius that is Jon Oliva. Itís been nothing short of incredible!

Most of all, I want to say thank you for your friendship. It is something that I will forever cherish and keep in my heart!

One last thank you that cannot be left unsaid...

Thank you to Christopher Michael Oliva. Although your time here on this earth was cut woefully short, the 30 years you were here touched so many, so deeply, and in such an incredibly special way! Such an amazing feat of accomplishment in so short an amount of time!

Thank you for the love and passion you shared, the friendship and kindness that you bestowed upon those while you were here, and for the incredible music that you left us to always remember you by.

May God keep you warm and safe in His loving embrace and may you rest in peace knowing that here on Earth we will FOREVER believe.